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Don’t wait for months to get an accurate autism diagnosis for your child. Speak to state-licensed child psychologist on and get answers to your concerns.

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Your healthcare company will let you wait more than a year to get an accurate autism diagnosis is a digital health clinic where concerned parents like you can skip the wait, speak to the top licensed psychologists to get a formal autism spectrum evaluation for your child.

Skip the wait

Get accurate diagnosis in half the time, instead of waiting months and making hundreds of calls.

Speak directly to the experts

Get direct answers from the best state-licensed child psychologist with experience with children on the spectrum.

Get accurate diagnosis

With our telehealth methods and the best state-licensed child psychologist, we diagnose autism with 80 – 91% accuracy; as accurate as in-person assessments.

Improve your child’s quality of life

With early diagnosis, you can start giving your child the care they need without any delays.

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